Forthcoming Members' Workshops

Seeking meaningful inspiration and instruction in the form of a photography workshop? We encourage you to peruse our Members’ Workshops.

Selective Bleaching

Online: Ongoing

with JB and Susan Harlin

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Selective Bleaching with JB and Susan Harlin will introduce you to a technique that uses a very dilute solution of Potassium Ferricyanide, which is brushed on specific areas of a print to lighten the tone and increase contrast. With a little patience and practice, bleaching is a powerful tool that can open up an entirely new avenue of expression. Tuition: $149

Pyro Staining Developers

Online: Ongoing

with JB Harlin

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Pyro Staining Developers with JB Harlin will explore the traits that make pyro film developers unique. You will learn how JB Harlin, with many years of experience, has used pyro in the field and hear what works best for him. This workshop will provide a solid understanding of staining film developers and dispel a lot of the myth and mystery. Tuition: $99

West Texas and Big Bend National Park

Fort Davis to Terlingua, TX: January 19-24, 2018

with Nick Quinn, Alan Montgomery and Mike Marvins

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West Texas and Big Bend National Park with Nick Quinn, Alan Montgomery and Mike Marvins will explore the West Texas outdoors from the sand dunes of Monahan Sandhills State Park to Fort Davis State & National Parks to McDonald Observatory for their coveted star party and then on to Big Bend National Park. Enjoy one-on-one instruction with your photography as well as professional help with your Photoshop & Lightroom techniques to take your images from good to great! We start early every morning for sunrise and several nights work until late to do star photography. Tuition: $1400

Photo Encaustic

Online: February 12 – March 23, 2018

with Clare O'Neill

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Photo Encaustic with Clare O'Neill will teach you the basic skills of this medium. Hone your signature style and create stunning pieces of art. In this online program, you will develop your skills and expand your vision for working with hot beeswax, photographs and pigments. Tuition: $297

Master Class–The Photo Montage

Johnson City, TX: February 24-25, 2018

with Fran Forman
A Smith Gallery

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Master Class—The Photo Montage with Fran Forman will introduce you to the tools of Photoshop to create composited images from your own found, taken, and scanned images. Since you have mastered many of the technical issues, we will now address what makes the image work as a piece of art. To create a sense of magic realism or the possibility of a new reality, we will see how the disparate elements meld seamlessly. We will consider masking, edge treatments, color space, shadows and highlights, texture, perspective, depth of field, harmony, symmetry, and of course composition and narrative, all in the service of creating a cohesive image. Tuition: $425

The Art of Visual Storytelling

Dallas, TX: March 7-11, 2018

with Ed Kashi
Dallas Center for Photography

Ed Kashi2
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The Art of Visual Storytelling with Ed Kashi will allow you to share your work in an intimate session and learn about the many new ways we can create photographs, tell visual stories, work with mobile photography and develop your personal style and approach as it applies to documentary work. Tuition: $975 [SPECIAL OFFER: The first 3 TPS members to register receive a $75 discount. Contact TPS Executive Director for your coupon code]

The Colors and Contrasts of Cuba

Cuba: March 9-18, 2018

with Randy Ziegler

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The Colors and Contrasts of Cuba with Randy Ziegler is a one-of-a-kind travel adventure to Cuba through a licensed ‘People to People’ Program, which includes daily activities immersing you in to the heart and soul of this intriguing and colorful country.  The focus of the tour is cultural and historical in nature, while providing a plethora of dramatic photographic opportunities each day. From the indefinable magic of old Havana with its vintage cars, to the colorful colonial town of Trinidad, and the contemplative countryside of the Pinar del Rio and Zapata Provinces, this and more awaits to enlighten your senses and via for your camera’s attention. Tuition: $4895

A Talk with Gallerists

Baytown, TX: March 10, 2018

with Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully
Art League of Baytown

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A Talk with Gallerists, featuring Amanda Smith and Kevin Tully, will present a Q&A session addressing questions about the call for entry process such as the presentation of entries (selection of images, sequencing, judging, etc.), presentation of images (printing, framing, matting, etc,) as well as questions about the creative process. To register, please contact Steve at Tuition: $25

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography

Baytown, TX: March 11, 2018

with Dave Wilson
Art League of Baytown

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography with Dave Wilson offers a collection of great tools for both artistic and realistic rendering of scenes which your camera would be unable to capture on its own in a single shot. Whether you intend to use it to create realistic images of building interiors or surrealist art images, this class offers the photographer a jumpstart under the instruction of an experienced HDR photographer. [NOTE: This is an advanced photography workshop. All photographers must have a complete working knowledge of their camera's functionality as well as how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed impact exposure.] To register, please contact Steve at fotofest@artleagueofbaytown.orgTuition: $150

Know Your Tools—Solve any Problem in Photoshop

Baytown, TX: March 17, 2018

with Nick Quinn
Art League of Baytown

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Know Your Tools—Solve any Problem in Photoshop with Nick Quinn is a basic to intermediate Photoshop course that will cover tools in Photoshop most used by photographers. This workshop will help you understand the photographer’s most used tools and how they work, including all the special options you can set to make that tool work more efficiently for you. Nick will use Photoshop CC 2018 to demonstrate but many of these tools have been the same since PS CS6.  Bring your laptop and follow along. To register, please contact Steve at fotofest@artleagueofbaytown.orgTuition: $110

Smartphone Camera

Baytown, TX: March 23, 2018

with Steve Goff and Beckwith Thompson
Art League of Baytown

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Smartphone Camera with Steve Goff and Beckwith Thompson will introduce techniques, tools and apps to get the maximum quality and creative potential for today’s cell phone cameras. Participants should be familiar with the basic operations of their native OS or Android camera operation. The workshop will introduce various alternative camera capture apps such as Camera+ProCamera and Hipstamatic. Premiere editing apps such as Snapseed will also be covered. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to shoot and create edited photographs during the day. Registered participants will receive a modest list of apps to download prior to the start of the workshop. To register, please contact Steve at fotofest@artleagueofbaytown.orgTuition: $135

From Flowers to Fine Art

Baytown, TX: March 28, 2018

with Teri Whittaker
Art League of Baytown

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From Flowers to Fine Art with Teri Whittaker will discuss different lighting strategies and lighting sources as well as myriad background options for achieving optimal results. Learn how to use the color wheel to make color choices for the subject matter, background and borders. Teri will share her post production process and demonstrate how to make a solid digital mat as well as a textured digital mat. To register, please contact Steve at fotofest@artleagueofbaytown.orgTuition: $120

Inexpensive Macro

Baytown, TX: March 31, 2018

with Laszlo Perlaky
Art League of Baytown

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Inexpensive Macro with Laszlo Perlaky will reveal the textures, structures, colors and patterns that delight the eye and can be used to create stunning photos in the macro world. Most people think macro photography requires specialized expensive lenses, but there are inexpensive accessories for expressing one's creative vision. Laszlo has produced several portfolios using inexpensive macro gear and will discuss the techniques employed in the development of this work. The workshop will include equipment demonstration and in-classroom practice. To register, please contact Steve at fotofest@artleagueofbaytown.orgTuition: $220

The Marriage of Color and Composition

Baytown, TX: April 7, 2018

with Karen Butts
Art League of Baytown

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The Marriage of Color and Composition with Karen Butts will teach you how color and composition go hand-in-hand to create a stronger image. Colors have meaning and evoke emotion. When they are harmonious, they create a pleasant feeling. You will learn about the different types of color schemes, such as triadic, analogous and complementary. Value, hue, texture, color intensity and contrast will be discussed as well as unity, balance, movement, rhythm, focus, proportion and dynamic lines. This class will be presented in 2 parts, first an in-depth PowerPoint presentation followed by a hands-on activity. To register, please contact Steve at fotofest@artleagueofbaytown.orgTuition: $120

Black and White Conversion

Baytown, TX: April 14, 2018

with Laszlo Perlaky
Art League of Baytown

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Black and White Conversion with Laszlo Perlaky will explore all aspects of the monochromatic image from capture to print. Some topics covered include color capture conversion to monochromatic, scanned slides and negatives, all aspects of processes for image conversion in post-production, Photoshop and useful plugins, and fine tuning black and white prints. By the end of the class, participants will be able to create even more artful images and move their black and white photography to a higher level. To register, please contact Steve at fotofest@artleagueofbaytown.orgTuition: $220

Mordancage, Lumenprints, and Chemigrams

Condon, MT: June 17-22, 2018

with Megan Crawford
Photographers' Formulary

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Mordancage, Lumenprints, and Chemigrams with Megan Crawford at Photographers' Formulary will introduce you to these photographic processes, exploring both the history and technique of each. This workshop will also cover basic digital negatives. Tution: $795

Photography & the Creative Spirit in Western Ireland

Ireland: June 17-27, 2018

with Karen and Joel Schulman

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Photography & the Creative Spirit in Western Ireland with Karen & Joel Schulman will take you on a creative and cultural journey, exploring the broad peat lowlands, lush countrysides, ancient abbeys, colorful villages and local pubs of Counties Mayo and Clare. The emphasis of this photographic tour is development of personal vision and creative spirit. During the tour, Karen will share ideas and knowledge to help you create great travel photographs whether you are using a DSLR or an iPhone. Joel will discuss digital imaging and photographic printing. Tuition: $3595

Photography and Personal Vision

Slater, CO: August 12-18, 2018

with Karen Gordon Schulman
Focus Ranch

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Photography and Personal Vision with Karen Gordon Schulman takes place at Focus Ranch, a real working cattle ranch located on the western Colorado and Wyoming border. The spectacular location lends itself perfectly to the “focus” of this workshop, where you will learn to express your unique way of seeing the world and yourself. You will be challenged to try new and fun techniques with your camera that will enrich your creative spirit! Field trips both on and off the ranch will give you endless photographic possibilities. Tuition: $2595 [register by March 1, 2018, to receive early registration discount of $100]

The Spirit of Ecuador

Ecuador: September 16-25, 2018

with Karen Gordon Schulman

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The Spirit of Ecuador with Karen Gordon Schulman will explore Ecuador, land of endless discovery and paradise full of wonder and astonishing natural attractions. The itinerary has been designed to provide you with many premier photo locations including Colonial Quito, indigenous markets along the Avenue of the Volcanoes, the cloud forest, quaint cobblestone streets of Cuenca, ancient Ingapirca, and El Cajas National Park. This tour offers group photography reviews, inspiration and education as well as individual guidance and instruction. iPhoneographers welcome! Tuition: $2995

Enchanted Italy: Florence, Tuscany Hill Towns & Venice

Italy: October 2-13, 2018

with Randy Ziegler

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Enchanted Italy: Florence, Tuscany Hill Towns & Venice with Randy Ziegler will take you on a unique travel experience to photograph the artistic wonders and culture of Italy. You will visit favorite locations in Florence, off the beaten path hill towns of Tuscany, and the colorful canals of Venice. This tour is limited to only 12 participants to allow for a more intimate and rewarding photographic experience. Tour companions who are not photographers are welcome. Whether you are an emerging photographer or seasoned shooter, Randy will be there every step of the way to encourage, guide, and inspire you to capture artful images in this enchanted region of Italy. Tuition: $4695

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