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  • What are you Reading?

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Reading has always been really important to me. I genuinely enjoy crawling into a book and letting the world go by around me. At one time, when I was traveling extensively, I read over 200 books in one year.

  • Don't Take My Picture

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    Whenever I had to take a group portrait where there was a photographer in the shot, that person always made the most fuss about it.

  • ​Forget-Me-Nots

    Blog Author David Gremp

    Notes on the Charles A. Swedlund Daguerreotype Collection: I was fortunate to have studied photography with Charles Swedlund during the mid-70s. In addition to being a gifted, creative photographer and passionate educator, he had accumulated a massive private collection of virtually every conceived photographic process and shared it freely with us all.

  • 'Tis the Season . . .

    Blog Author David Gremp

    I’ve always found solace in my self-imposed ritual of making and sending out a holiday card to all the most important people in my life.

  • Commitment or Committed

    Blog Author Richard Newman

    When confronted with a situation where I am forced to support something I don’t believe in, there can and will be trouble.

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