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Member Benefits > Print Program

Print Program
Collect fine photography by some of the medium's top photographers

TPS 2012 Print Program
One of the benefits of membership in the Texas Photographic Society is your eligibility to participate in the TPS Collectors' Print Program.

Follow link to purchase your Print Program print(s).

Members joining at the Friend, or Benefactor levels may choose from an exclusive selection of fine prints by prominent, contemporary photographers. Join or renew your TPS membership at the Friend Level or higher and you can select one or more prints from our five artists for $195 or less per print in multiple prints are ordered. See the Join TPS page for discount pricing details.

Remember, most print program artists work starts at $500 or more. This is a fine way to enhance your collection and to contribute to TPS programming.

We are proud to offer the following items this year from this select group of photographers:

Anne Berry – Newnan, Georgia
Monkey at the Door
10" x 10" Silver gelatin print on 12" x 12" paper.

Anne BerryMonkey at the Door is part of my Behind Glass series. The title of the series refers to the glass or boundaries of an enclosure, and it is also a metaphor for the distance modern man has put between himself and nature. Often I find myself gazing into the eyes of a monkey, his hand touching the glass wall that separates our worlds. The animal's candid stare, the reflection of glass, and the frame of a window are all elements that work together to create a story that deserves to be told. My photographs are about the beauty of animals but, more importantly, about their plight. The pictorial quality of the images softens the shock, but the punch is there in the eyes and melancholy expressions of the animals. Primates especially are able to remind people of the undeniable connection between man and animal, and this feeling evokes nostalgia for a time when man was part of nature.

Anne grew up in Atlanta, spending vacations and summers at Lake Burton, on the Flint River in Sumter Co., and on Georgia and South Carolina barrier islands. The appreciation for places unspoiled by development is central to her vision. Also essential to her is an appreciation for animals. She photographs animals to get people to truly look at them, to hear their inner sound, and to consider their value and their place in the world. Anne Berry's photographs have been exhibited internationally, and she has received numerous awards, such as the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards 2011 Special Mention of the Award Director and the Lens Culture International Exposure Award. She is a Critical Mass 2011 finalist. Publications include Shots Magazine, Photo District News, Silvershotz, The Portfolio Review, Esquire Russia, Lenscratch, and 591 Photography. Most recent publications (2012) are South X SouthEast Photography Magazine (March), PH Magazine (issue 16), and Photonews (Hamburg, May). For more information on Anne.

Karen Divine – Boulder, Colorado
14" x 18" digital pigment print on 17" x 22" paper.
Limited edition of 20.

Karen DivineKanga is the first image in the Not Just For Kids Series, a story designed for both children and adults. Images that tell a story are important to me, those that are suggestive, reflect one's inner turmoil and dreams, reveal a personal documentary, and images where the boundaries are obscure, requiring the viewer to look again and again. A sense of structure and design is important of course but behind these shapes and colors, there is usually another order of meaning, however abstract that may appear.

Kanga has won first place in the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts International Contest and several International Photography Awards (the Lucie's) in NYC. Being an International Award Winning Photographer, Karen was also nominated for Discovery of the Year last year with the IPA Awards, and most recently was one of four selected for Eyephoneography 3 Exhibition, opening in Madrid, Spain for her iphoneography work.

Images that tell a story are important to me, those that are suggestive, reflect one's inner turmoil and dreams, reveal a personal documentary, and images where the boundaries are obscure, requiring the viewer to look again and again. A sense of structure and design is important of course but behind these shapes and colors, there is usually another order of meaning, however abstract that may appear. For more information on Karen.

Sandra Chen Weinstein – Lake Forrest, California
Who Dat
7.5" x10.5" digital pigment print on Epson Luster paper.
Special edition for TPS of 20.

Sandra Chen WeinsteinWho Dat is taken from a larger series of an on-going work called America Graffiti that documents the human condition in natural environment. The work explores concepts of identity, individuality, tradition, the suburban and pop culture in the diverse society in America.

In the April haze, the brothers of the Eagle Steppe Band take a well-earned break at the New Orleans Jazz Fest where they perform their music in front of enthusiastic audiences. The scene emerged naturally as the band members sit down, chatting with each other while another group plays music on the nearby stage. I was able to take few frames in a couple of seconds without interrupting their respite. At that moment, their pride shone over their faces as brightly as their green shirts.

Sandra's passion is for people's inner world. Her intimate yet candid portraits explore cultural, social, and political connections and transitions of the human condition in a challenging world. Her projects Facets of India, Refuge in America, and Dignity for Palestine aim to better visual understanding and increase awareness of not only our diversity but our connections to one another in a rapidly changing world.

Original from Taipei, Taiwan, Sandra moved to Canada and U.S. in the mid-1980s. After travelling internationally with the American Foreign Service, she settled in California. Sandra studied ceramic art at universities and exhibited this work in Japan and Washington DC., before becoming a photographer.

She has twice been selected to participate in Magnum Workshops in cooperation with Nooderlicht Photofestival with Stuart Franklin in The Netherlands 2009, and White Chapel Art Gallery with Ian Berry, London 2011. She has also worked as assistant to Magnum Photographer Eli Reed 2007-2008. Her photographic art is greatly inspired and influenced by Sebastiao Salgado.

Sandra has received numerous national and international awards including winner for Robert Cornelia's Award and two-time winner of the Julia Cameron Award. She has been featured in numerous publications including American Photography 28, IDENTITIES Now: Contemporary Portrait Photography, National Geographic Magazine (on-line), DIGI PHOTO, Color and B&W Magazine among others and her work is exhibited widely in the U.S. and internationally. Her images are included in several private, universities and international museum collections. For more information on Sandra.

Susan Barnett – New York, New York
Lubbock Man
Type C-print 18" x 12" mounted.

Susan BarnettI approached this fellow on Venice Beach and told him I photograph people like him wearing t-shirts with messages on them but that I did it from the back and wouldn't show his face. He was intrigued, charming and agreed to pose. After a bit of a conversation I decided I wanted to give him a couple of dollars for his efforts... he looked as though he hadn't eaten much...just a hunch. The following day not far from that spot a young woman came running up to me showering me with hugs and kisses. It was her birthday and she told me I had given her boyfriend a couple of dollars and that he used it to buy her a gift. She proudly showed me the handmade feathered earrings she was wearing with her hair carefully combed to show them off. She related that her friend who made and sold jewelry on Venice Beach thanked me too since she made a sale that day and too could eat. A couple of dollars goes a long way sometimes.

When George Harrison arrived in New York for the Beatles' historic visit he was carrying a Pentax Spotmatic as he descended the airplanes steps. I was then 15 years old and soon I bought the same Pentax and began to photograph my everyday life such as it appeared to me.

I landed a job at Perls Galleries on Madison Avenue where I worked for twelve years as Associate Director. Next door to Perls Galleries was Light Gallery, one of the earliest galleries to show Contemporary Photography; there I experienced firsthand the work of Steven Shore, Aaron Siskind and Lee Friedlander.

I have exhibited at Soho Photo; Capital One Corporate Gallery, Artspace, Center for Fine Art Photography, Newspace, PhotoPlace, Silvereye, Silvermine, Griffin Museum of Photography, Houston Center for Fine Art Photography, Philadelphia University of the Arts Gallery, Pacific Center NW, Final Wall Gallery, Espace Dupon, New York Photo Festival, Smith Gallery, Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography, Photo Center NW, Noviembre, Davis Orton Gallery and Clampart Gallery.

The series Not In YourFace has been seen in Lensculture, Popular Photography Magazine, Lenscratch, Exposure Compensation, PDN, Oitzarisme, Fotovisura, Artslant, Projekt 30, Social, Heinz Foundation vimeo, Pittsburgh Tribune and The Photo/Artvas, Troika Editions, La Lettre de Photography, Lenswork #97 and Fototazo. Not In Your Face has won awards from Photo Review, IPA, Px3, Pollux awards, WPGA, Texas Photographic Society, Photo World Annual Awards, Critical Mass, Hey Hot Shot Contender and New York Photo Festival. Images from Not In Your Face are available at Clampart, New York. The book Not In Your Face will be published in 2012 from the Silas Finch Foundation, New York. For more information on Susan.

D. Clarke Evans – San Antonio, Texas
Ace Spring Service - San Antonio, Texas
5" x 14" digital pigment print on Inpress Pro Gloss paper. Mounted and overmatted to
12" x 20".

D. Clarke EvansI have always had a strong interest in business; the actual aspects of running an organization/ corporation, and also the the structures they are housed in. Not only the IBM's, the Sak's and the Apple's of the world, but the small independent business, the sole proprietor.

During my travels around Texas, I began to notice colorful one story store fronts and started capturing them on film. My two interests, business and architectural photography, melded and I turned my attention to these small businesses.

These captains of industry do not have large advertising budgets for TV and print. Their main method of attracting potential customers is their storefront. Some use brightly colored signs or painted murals to attract attention. Others are more understated with just a neatly printed sign. Many do not hire a professional painter, but instead design and paint the storefront themselves. We are left with a special part of Americana, the small businessperson pursuing the American Dream.

I use a Hasselblad Xpan and Fujichrome Velvia 100 35mm transparency film. The film is very fine grain, allowing enormous enlargement, with great color saturation allowing me to retain the vibrancy of the original scene. Each image is scanned and slightly retouched removing small distracting elements - paper, cups, and the like. The integrity of the scene is intact, just cleaned up some. Each image is printed on Inkpress Pro Gloss paper.

Clarke, a commercial photographer living in San Antonio, Texas, is recognized for his architectural, sports, and corporate photography. He is the official team photographer of the San Antonio Spurs and is also President of the Texas Photographic Society (TPS), a non-profit national photographic organization. Clarke has a Master of Arts degree from Texas Tech University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brooks Institute School of Photographic Arts and Science located in Santa Barbara, California. His fine art photographs have been in over 40 one-person and group shows.


Follow this link to purchase your print.

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