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Member Benefits > Print Program

Print Program
Collect fine photography by some of the medium's top photographers

TPS 2011 Print Program
One of the benefits of membership in the Texas Photographic Society is your eligibility to participate in the TPS Collectors' Print Program.

Follow link to purchase your Print Program print(s).

Members joining at the Friend, or Benefactor levels may choose from an exclusive selection of fine prints by prominent, contemporary photographers. Join or renew your TPS membership at the Friend Level or higher and you can select one or more prints from our six artists for $195 or less per print in multiple prints are ordered. See the Join TPS page for discount pricing details.

Remember, most print program artists work starts at $500 or more. This is a fine way to enhance your collection and to contribute to TPS programming.

We are proud to offer the following items this year from this select group of photographers:

David Johndrow – Austin, Texas
7”x7” Platinum Print
Special edition of 20 for TPS.

David Johndrow

This photograph is of a Gulf Coast Toad (Bufo Valliceps). I shot this image in my backyard garden using a Hasselblad.

David Johndrow is a fine art photographer living in Austin, Texas. After studying photography the University of Texas, he began shooting commercial work as well as pursuing his more personal fine art photography. David's images have appeared in many publications including, Rolling Stone, GQ, B&W and Slivershotz magazines.
In 2004, David began combining his interests in gardening and photography to create his ongoing series of macro nature photographs. To realize his vision, he prints with silver gelatin, platinum/palladium, and gumoil.

His work has been included in many exhibitions in the United States. His photographs are part of the Wittliff Collection of Southwestern and Mexican Photography, as well as in many private collections.






Sandra Freeman – Dallas, Texas
White Tulips
8”x11” on a 11”x14” digital pigment print overmatted to 12”s16”
Limited edition of 20.

Sandra FreemanWhite Tulips is an image shot in natural light.  In January of 2008, my husband, Charlie Freeman, started giving me Photography lessons.  I fell in love with the still life and natural light. The sepia tones just seem to make the details of the flower more important and added a quality of elegance.

Charlie Freeman passed away in December of 2009.  He was the love of my life, my best friend, my teacher, my mentor and my cheerleader. He gave me such a wonderful gift.  He taught me to see light.















Blue Mitchell – Portland, Oregon
The Illumination
11”x14” digital pigment print on Kozo. Mounted to 16x20
Special edition for TPS of 30

Blue Mitchell
The Illumination is an outtake from the Mythos series, a body of work where my goal is to capture a world that’s been subverted by intellect. As children, we are acutely aware of the moments and experiences that shape our understanding of our lives and events. That view of the world, however, becomes polluted by culture and society as we age. Those extremes blend reality and fantasy that, as adults, we tend to visit only in our dreams.

My Mythos series depicts the early moments in an experience and then illustrates the steps that allow us to see beyond the surface, where flashes of stillness, anxiety, wonder and mystery present themselves through familiar and invented allegories. Those dreamlike fabrications bestow the dichotomies of good vs. evil, fantasy vs. reality, awake vs. dreaming ? and the axis that connects them all.

Blue Mitchell received his BFA in photography from the Oregon College of Art & Craft. In his personal work he implements many photographic techniques including toy cameras, pinhole, other film and digital cameras as well as alternative processes, scanners, aged paper, wax, installation, collage, and hand drawing.  Most recently Mitchell has been specializing in Acrylic Lifts. His work has been exhibited throughout the U.S. including special invitations by Sitka Center for Art & Ecology, PONCHO art invitational. Mitchell recently exhibited new work at Newspace Center for Photography and was juried into the Light Factory’s 3rd Annual in 2010. Select images from his Mythos can be seen in new traveling exhibition Spinning Yarns: Photographic Storytelling curated by Anne Leighton Massoni and Rowe.

Mitchell currently runs a fine art photography website called Plates to Pixels Gallery and is the Founding Editor and Publisher of Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, an annual periodical.



Heidi Lender – San Francisco, California
Untitled, from the series Once Upon
Archival digital pigment print 10”x10” overmatted to 16x16
Special edition of 25 for TPS.

Heidi LenderWhat began as a self-imposed weekly photo assignment — “Stand on a bench. Make sure it’s Monday. Wear something pretty.” — transformed into a whimsical self-portrait series, Once Upon, a photo-tale exploring the individual through various environments and apparel. Since abandoning a career in fashion publishing to study yoga in India, I have become increasingly intrigued with the idea of personal façade versus private interior. These textured and layered images investigate this concept by studying the assortment of characters that make up the self – those we hide, show, accept and reject – and the role that fashion and design play in molding those characters. Many, like this one, shot in my Northern California living room, feature Bubba the dog.

Heidi Lender came to the camera from the publishing world, where she styled photo shoots and wrote features for national fashion and interior magazines. She moved to India to study yoga and after returning to the U.S. three years ago, picked up her first digital SLR and retired her pen in favor of pictures. In the last year, images from her Once Upon and Kumbh Mela, 2010 series were featured in various online magazines and selected group shows across the country.








Gary Faye – Rancho Mirage, California
11” x 17” digital pigment print on Moab Entrada paper.

Gary FayeThis image was made one Cold September morning while hiking in Glacier, Montana. Back then I still carried a Linhof 5" x 7" view camera, a physical challenge with frozen fingers and stiff adjustments. I feared the clouds would evaporate or move before I could make the exposure.

I made only 1 frame. Haunted by this I returned in 2001 with another lens imagining another version. Clouds are never the same and to make matters worse, the pier was gone. I realized how fortunate I was to get this one in the can before it all went away.

The image was made on TMax 100 film with a 5" X 7" Linhof View Camera. Exposure not recorded but probably f22. The slight rocking of the pier was problematic and I had be careful with the shutter release timing. The film was processed in HC 110 and print made in traditional Dektol. The lighting was within normal limits

I was a late starter in photography beginning with 35mm only to photograph my new little daughter. It proved to be a hobby that went quickly out of control. I bought an enlarger, took night classes and joined a camera club (which I quickly abandoned). After attending two Ansel Adams workshops I realized I was in the wrong career, resigned my job and went back to school full time at Art Center, College of Design in Pasadena.

Landscape has always been a natural attraction having grown up in the Colorado mountains. Hiking was a daily way of life. I also realized landscape would be a tough road to make a living with so I studied commercial photography and sold landscape prints when I could. Excellent landscape opportunities came with commercial assignments like American Airlines in flight magazine. That lead to years of European assignments. One year I got a two page spread in Communication Arts magazine which made the phone ring for other outdoor assignments. 

Teaching has always been part of my career starting with Ventura College in California. I was a workshop assistant for two more Ansel workshops, and taught classes for several other schools including Glassell (museum school) in Houston and Al Weber's Victor School near Colorado Springs.

There have also been numerous solo & group shows over the years. Prints are in many corporate and private collections.


Tami Bone – Austin, Texas
La Nueva Vida
10” x 10” digital pigment print on 13” x 13” Cotton Rag paper
Silver negative digital pigment print.
Signed, Numbered and Dated On Verso
Special Edition of 20 for TPS

Tami Bone
Tami Bone grew up in the rough and tumble of deep South Texas where she spent a childhood blessedly free and driven by her imagination. Her new and ongoing body of work, Mythos, taken in part from childhood memories, is born of the awareness of the power in the stories we tell ourselves and others, forming personal truths and modern day folklore. La Nueva Vida is one such tale, pulling from fragments of memory and figments of imagination, to tell a story that in this particular case is more true than imagined.

Tami lives in Austin, close to the Texas Hill Country. Her college years were spent at The University of Texas, although her interest in photography began later. For much of her adult life she has pieced together an ongoing photographic education, including formal classes, workshops and continuous self-education. Her early photographic experience was in environmental portraiture, with an emphasis on photographing children using natural light. Her work has been shown nationally in juried group exhibitions and invitational group exhibitions. She has received numerous awards including selection as a Photo Review 2010 Competition Winner, a 2009 Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist and a 2008 Review Santa Fe participant. Today she engages photography as a means of story telling and self expression, and as a way of seeing the world.








Follow this link to purchase your print.

Texas Photographic Society (TPS) publishes and exhibits members’ photographs in print, online and in photography exhibits thoughout the U.S. and Europe. TPS membership includes photographers ranging from students to dedicated professionals. Together, they share an enthusiasm and dedication to fine photography.

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