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TPS Workshop > Big Bend at night

Big Bend Workshop

Night workshop in the Big Bend Park

From an elevation of less than 2,000 feet along the Rio Grande to nearly 8,000 feet in the Chisos Mountains, Big Bend includes massive canyons, vast desert expanses, and the entire Chisos Mountain range. The area presents inspirational and challenging landscapes for all photographers. Photographers have taken images there for over 100 years and have produced significant bodies of landscape and personal work. This heritage of challenge and inspiration continues into contemporary generations of photographers who return to the park with fresh and evocative images of the land and the people who are shaped by it.

Night Photography
Night Photography is about the compression of time into a single moment, as represented by the image captured on film – be it a minute, or an hour. The camera records the passage of time in a way that we cannot ourselves perceive. With this in mind, we will venture out under the light of the full moon to see, and photograph the world from a new perspective.
New technologies in photography have made Night Photography more accessible and popular than ever. Digital cameras allow for instant feedback that can serve as a guide for determining exposures, but there is more to successful night photography than just exposure. Contrast, atmosphere, light sources, equipment choices, painting with light, and subject matter at night are some of the things this class will cover.

The Workshop
Lance Keimig and Scott Martin team up to present a four day and night photography workshop at Big Bend, TX October 11-14, 2008. Big Bend is a vast expanse of iconic and arid American West landscapes. From the Rio Grande to the canyons, prairies, mountains and ghost towns, BB offers a large variety of material for the night photographer. Lone night wanders practically have the place to themselves after the sun goes down. While Big Bend can be a harsh environment with very hot and cold temperatures, October is one of the most comfortable months of the year and has the least number of visitors.

This workshop will have both field and classroom instruction. We will be in the classroom each day from noon until we leave for the field before sunset. Participants can stay out shooting as long as they, or their cameraís batteries, hold out. We will have discussion and assistance while in the field each day. Techniques and inspiration will be constantly discussed, demonstrated and put into practice. We will all work closely together, sharing our knowledge and experience.

Lance brings his extensive experience with night photography to the workshop with composition techniques, night photography guidelines and inspiring slides shows of historical and contemporary night photography. Scott will bring his digital imaging training experience and take an in depth look at the entire digital imaging workflow from capture to print with night photography in mind. We will examine the skills necessary for high quality digital image capture, RAW file processing and fine art printing. We will examine the history of digital fine art printing processes, and look at all the processes available today complete with sample prints. RIPs, ink technology, color management and recommendations will all be discussed.

This workshop is specifically for digital photographers who want to learn night photography techniques, from exposure to image processing and printmaking. Participants will leave this workshop with the knowledge they need to photograph at night by natural and artificial light, and how to optimize their files for printing.

We expect that beginners and seasoned digital imaging professionals alike will benefit from the course. Participants should expect to share some of their images for review, as the goal of this workshop is to enjoy the creative process, learn from each other and to grow as image makers.

About Scott Martin
Scott Martin is a San Antonio based digital imaging trainer and consultant who works one-on-one with professionals in their studios fine tuning the techniques and color management implementation necessary for exceptional, top notch work. With full-time devotion to this exclusive environment since the 1990s, Scott's experience with a wide variety of imaging equipment and applications is unsurpassed. Scott has worked with digital photography since the 1980s and has trained thousands of photographers through the transition from film to digital and from JPEG to RAW workflows. Scott holds the first ever known degree in Digital Photographic Imaging, is an Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert and serves on the board of the Texas Photographic Society. He is privileged to work with some of the finest photographers, photolabs, ad agencies, and printers in North America, Europe and Australia.

Scott's devotion to technology begins with a passion for art. Scott is a fine art photographer whose work has been seen in numerous solo exhibitions and is included in many private and public collections. Being more than just a techie, Scott enjoys talking about work that inspires him and helps photographers take their work to the next level and hone in on their unique style. Scott is passionate about working with images, and brings a printmakerís approach to making them look good. As an artist himself, he knows the pride you take in your work, and respects it as he would his own.

About Lance Keimig
Lance Keimig is a Pembroke, Masssachusetts based photographer who is best known for his night time photographs of the built environment. His interest in Night Photography dates back to 1984 when he was first introduced to the camera. For the last five years, Keimig has been photographing New England textile mills at night, and plans to eventually publish the project in book form.

Lance works with both film and digital cameras, although he is mainly known for his traditional black and white silver prints. He uses a medium format view camera for his film work, and has recently been creating digital panoramic images shot with a DSLR and shift lenses. Lance has been teaching photography since 1997, at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, at the New England School of Photography in Boston, as well as leading his own workshops in California, Massachusetts, and internationally. In 2003, Lance founded the Mono Lake Photo Workshops in California, to promote interest in the fragile ecosystem of the Eastern Sierra through photography. Lance is also cofounder of The Nocturnes Night Photography Workshops, a part of the San Francisco based organization The Nocturnes, that promotes Night Photography through workshops, exhibitions, and its acclaimed web site. Lance leads annual photo tours to Ireland and Scotland for artists and photographers. His photographs are held in numerous collections including The Art Complex Museum, The Boston Athenaeum, The Boston Public Library, State Street Bank, Fidelity, Hitachi, Rayovac, and 3 Com Corporations. Examples of his work can be seen on his website:

Rooms have been reserved at the Chisos Mountain Lodge, the only lodging in the park. TPS has reserved non-smoking rooms that are conveniently located near food service, a convenience store, gift shop, trail heads and other guest services.

RV Park & Campgrounds
There are three campgrounds in the park with well defined campsites. 25 RV sites in the Rio Grande Village Campground are full hook-up RV sites equipped with water, sewage, and electricity. 75 RV sites in the Rio Grande Campground and the sites in the Basin and Cottonwood Campgrounds do not have water or electrical hookup, but do usually have a BBQ Grill. Reservations for these sites can be made by calling 877-444-6777.

The campgrounds have water available and have lighted restrooms but do not have showers. The campgrounds are self registration and have campground hosts during the busier seasons. Campground fees are deposited in an envelope drop located at the entrance to each camping area.

Shopping & Dining
The Lodge Gift Shop features a wonderful selection of gifts made by local artists, as well as an exquisite selection of clothing, accessories, jewelry and Big Bend souvenirs.

Participants are on their own for meals. You may dine at the Chisos Mountains Lodge Restaurant and enjoy one of the best views in the state of Texas. The restaurant serves up a nice selection of Tex-Mex dishes to satisfy the heartiest appetite and features a new selection of wines. The Restaurant opens at 7:00am, perfect for early risers who are ready to head out in the Park for the day. In a hurry? Grab a ‘breakfast-in-a-box’ to take with you as you enjoy the outdoors.

Web sites of interest:
Chisos Mountain Lodge –
Big Bend Park –
Lance Keimig –

More Information
Information regarding equipment, dress, arrival and departure times will be sent to registrants.

Download the Chisos Mountain Lodge menu.

For more information on Lance Keining and the Big Bend '08 workshop see:

Workshop Deposit: $200
We rely on your attendance to make important arrangements, so if for any reason you need to withdraw, please notify us prior to September 11. At that time we will refund your entire deposit. If notification of cancellation is made from September 12 thru September 26, we will refund $100 of your deposit. If notification of concellation is made after September 27, we must retain the $200 deposit. To cancel the workshop, please call Clarke at 210-824-4123 or fax Clarke at 210-822-8910.

The workshop balance is due by September 11th.

Download the Big Bend Registration form in pdf formatt.

Workshop Costs
Workshop Fee
$ 950.00
Add Lodging:
RV Park or Campground
No charge
Single occupancy – 4 nights
Double occupancy – 4 nights
Triple occupancy – 4 nights
Membership Fee – If joining TPS
TOTAL – Workshop Fee plus Lodging Fee


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