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TPS Exhibtions > The International Competition

TPS 18: The International Competition
Cig Harvey to jury

TPS 18: The International Competition continued

Cig Harvey, Associate Professor at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, is this year’s juror. She will award $1,800 in Cash prizes: First Place $ 750, Second Place $350, Third Place $200, and at her discretion, up to 5 Honorable Mention awards at $100 each. A color catalogue of the exhibition will be printed and sent to all entrants, select museum curators and photography magazines. The exhibit will tour the state of Texas for one year.

Juror's Statement
It is such an honor to be the 2009 Juror for the Texas Photographic Society Annual show. I take this role seriously and promise to review every single submission closely and intensely with fresh eyes and an open heart. My love of photography is all consuming and deeply rooted. As a maker of images I understand the intense dedication, discipline and passion that goes into each piece we put out into the world. I would love see your very best work; the images that you can not believe you have made. All genres of photographic inquiry are welcomed with open arms. A strong marriage of content and formal concerns are paramount. I would love to see that you are using all of the photographic tools available to the highest level to visually communicate your ideas. Ideally, although not exclusively, I would like to see work from a series/portfolio of 10-15 images from which select pieces will be chosen to represent the body of work. A short concise project statement relating to the submitted body of work would also be appreciated. I am looking for work that is non derivative and contains soul.

About the Juror
Cig Harvey, MFA, is a passionate working fine-art photographer and educator. To both her life and work she brings a profound sense of optimism and dedication. She is represented by The Robin Rice Gallery in New York and Joel Soroka Gallery in Aspen, CO. Her images are held in numerous collections worldwide, including The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Texas and the International Museum of Photography, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY. In addition to her fine art career, Cig is represented commercially by Marilyn Cadenbach in New York and LA. Her clients include Harper's Bazaar, New York Magazine and Kate Spade. She is a full time Associate Professor at The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University and teaches summer workshops at The Maine Media Workshops and The Santa Fe Workshops. Please visit her website at

To download the Call for Entries in text format.

To pay the entry fee for TPS 18: The International Competition.

Calendar of Events

June 15
Entries due in San Antonio.

July 20
Notification to accepted entrants sent by mail and posted on the TPS website,

Aug 21
Prints due in San Antonio, TX.

Sep 11
TPS 18: TIC opens at the Kirchman Gallery, 213 N. Nugent Street, in Johnson City, TX.

Sep 12
Artists reception from 6p-8p.

Oct 07
TPS 18: TIC closes in Johnson City, TX.

Dec 1
TPS 17: TIC opens at the Center for Contemporary Art in Abilene, TX.

• First Place $ 750.00
• Second Place 350.00
• Third Place 200.00
• Up to 5 Honorable Mentions at the juror’s discretion – $100 each.

• Color exhibition catalogue to all entrants. Accepted entrants get 3 copies.

How to Enter
You do not need to be a member current member of TPS to enter the show. You may join TPS and enter the show.

Enclose one check to cover the entry fee of $35 plus $5 for each image over five and membership fee if joining TPS. Photographers may enter up to 10 images.

When entering slides:

1. Submit the slides in a clear, plastic sheet. Number each slide 1-10 and place your name and the title of the work on the front of the slide mount. Indicate slide top. NO GLASS SLIDE MOUNTS.

2. Enclose an SASE for the return of your slides. Entries without a SASE will not be returned.

3. Fill out Entry & Membership and List of Entries forms. Make certain that numbers and titles on forms match those on the slides. Mail payment, slides, entry form, and one SASE for return of slides to the address below.

When emailing digital files:
1. Files should be 800 pixels in the longest dimension saved in the JPEG format on high quality setting (not maximum). Images should be sampled at 72ppi.

2. Label each file with consecutive numbers followed by your name. ie 1SamJones, 2SamJones. Also, from a networking standpoint, do not use spaces in the title of the JPEG (use underscores if needed) and limit to only alpha-numeric characters (do not use :.:’”/?}{()[ ]+-=*&^ %$#@!.).

3. In the body of an email, number each image so that it matches the above numbering system. For each image: provide the title, process, image size, and sale price. Images without a sale price will be considered not-for-sale. Include a Visa or Mastercard number along with the expiration date, 3 digit security code, your name, address, city, state, zip code and telephone numbers.

4. If you chose, you may call Clarke with your credit card number 210-824-4123.

5. Email files to

When sending digital files on a CD:

1. Files should be 800 pixels in the longest dimension saved in the JPEG format on high quality setting (not maximum). Images should be sampled at 72ppi.

2. Label each file with consecutive numbers followed by your name. ie 1AmyJones, 2AmyJones.

3. Fill out Entry & Membership Form and List of Entries form. Make certain that numbers and titles on forms match those on the CD. Mail payment, CD, entry form, and one SASE for return of CD to the address below. This is due by July 2, 2008. Send to:

Texas Photographic Society
6338 N. New Braunfels # 174
San Antonio TX 78209


TPS encourages the sale of exhibited photographs. The commission charged will be 50% of the sales price. Print your name, address, telephone numbers (work and home), and sales amount on the back of each print accepted. If your print is Not-For-Sale (NFS) state so, but list a dollar amount for insurance. If you do not list a dollar amount, the art work will be listed as Not-For-Sale.

TPS will exercise all due care in handling slides and prints, but will not be responsible for loss or damage or replacement. Please submit duplicate slides.

Reproduction TPS retains the right to display, project and reproduce work accepted for this exhibition for publicity and promotional purposes only. Individual photographers retain Copyrights to their individual works.

The exhibition is open to amateur and professional artists internationally. You may join TPS and enter the competition. Entries must not have been exhibited previously in a TPS show and must have been taken within the last four years. Because of gallery limitations, three-dimensional work cannot be accepted. Artwork must be represented by 35mm slides or digital files.

If your work is accepted:
1. Send one exhibition print for each accepted photograph.

2. Prints must be mounted and overmatted using white matte board 16˝x 20˝ with at least 2˝ of border showing on all sides of the print. Maximum print size is 12˝x16˝. Smaller prints, 3˝x5˝ for example, are acceptable as long as they are mounted and overmatted to the 16˝x20˝ size.

3. Include return postage for prints to be shipped back to you after the exhibition. Prints WITHOUT postage will not be returned. Prints will be returned in the container in which they were received. Do NOT frame the print.

4. Send $5 for each print accepted to defray exhibition expense.

5. No peanuts.

6. The print must reach us by August 21, 2009. Send your print to:

Texas Photographic Society
6338 N New Braunfels # 174
San Antonio TX 78209

Questions? Call Clarke at 210-824-4123


Texas Photographic Society (TPS) publishes and exhibits members’ photographs in print, online and in photography exhibits thoughout the U.S. and Europe. TPS membership includes photographers ranging from students to dedicated professionals. Together, they share an enthusiasm and dedication to fine photography.

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