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National Events & News > Workshops

A listing of national and international photography workshops

This listing of photographic workshops everywhere is provided as a resource for Photographers.

> TPS Workshops > New Mexico > Mexico
> California > New York > Morocco
> Colorado > Ireland

TPS Workshops

Our Town: Amarillo

November 8 & 9
Nine Francois (Austin, Texas)
Discovering Your Photographic Voice

To be added to the mailing list for information

Now that you are comfortable with your camera and you know how to take technically correct photographs of beautiful sunsets or of special moments,  have you ever wondered if there’s more to photography than making pretty pictures? Have you ever dreamed of producing an extensive body of work about something that is directly and personally meaningful to you? Have you ever hoped to embark on a photo project that may someday turn into a book? Would you like to use photography to investigate and learn more about your family, your community, the culture and region you live in?

This workshop is designed to help you find and develop your “voice” in photography.  Through visual exercises, photographic assignments, presentations, discussions, and critiques this workshop will help you see and understand how your images connect with one another and will help you move in the direction of creating a thematic body of work that has meaning for you.
It will address questions like:

• How do my images connect? What are they really about?
• What am I trying to say?
• How can I talk about what’s important to me through photography?
• What approach should I use to create this work? 
• How do I get started on a meaningful project? What resources are available to me?
• What techniques are conducive to relay- ing my idea?
• How should I edit? How many prints should I aim for?
• What should the final project physically look like?
• What can I do with this project once it’s complete? Who might be interested in publishing, exhibiting, buying this work?

Participants of all levels will benefit from this workshop, however, as it will not focus specifically on technical issues, participants will most benefit once they have a strong command of basic photographic technique (exposure, metering, depth-of-field, output, etc.) and are comfortable using their cameras. Also, photographers of every flavor – from digital documentarists to alternative process fine artists – are encouraged to participate. They will equally benefit in moving their work to the next level.

Nine Francois holds an MFA in photography from The University of Texas at Austin. Her work is internationally published and exhibited, and is included in numerous private and public collections. Ms. Francois currently teaches photography in the Department of Art & Design at Texas State University and in the commercial photography program at Austin Community College. She’s actively involved in various photography projects such as creating a writing and photography program for youth in east Austin, organizing exchange exhibitions between French and Texas photographers, and coordinating round-table discussions on photography. She’s particularly attracted to the “language” of photography and how we use this to communicate ideas and sensibilities.)

Workshop fee: $ 125
Workshop limit 15


Big Bend Park at Night

Finding Your Way in the Dark: Workflow for Digital Night Photography from Capture to Print in Big Bend National Park With Scott Martin and Lance Keimig
October 11 - 14, 2008

Lance Keimig and Scott Martin team up to co-teach this informative 4 day and night workshop in Big Bend National Park in Texas. This workshop is specifically for digital photographers who want to learn Night Photography techniques, from exposure to image processing and printmaking. Participants will leave this workshop with the knowledge they need to photograph at night by natural and artificial light, and how to process and to optimize their files for printing.

Lance Keimig and Scott Martin team up again to teach the same workshop, this time in Big Bend National Park in West Texas. For the second year in a row, this workshop is sponsored by the Texas Photo Society. Locations include the Chisos Mountains, Santa Elena Canyon, and Terlingua Ghost Town. Please join us for this informative and fun workshop by registering through TPS.



Kim Weston Photography Workshop Series
2008 Workshop Schedule
Kim and Gina Weston

For a complete list and detail, visit or email directly or call Gina Weston at 831-624-8111.



Making a Social Impact with Your Photography
November 7 - 9, 2008
Tuition: $400, $360 Members, Deposit $250 Final payment required 30 days prior to beginning the workshop.

Photography That Affects Social Change - Robert Glenn Ketchum, preeminent photographer and writer about conservation issues affecting global strategies, will conduct a three day workshop. If you have a passion for using your photographic talents to affect social change, you'll want to attend. Details here

Focus Adventures 2009 PR
Steamboat in the Summertime: Photography and the Creative Spirit
Digital PhotoWorkshop
Where: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
When: July 11-16, 2009; Leaders: Karen & Joel Schulman

Steamboat Springs, a world-class resort located in northwest Colorado, is full of western hospitality and blessed with breathtaking scenery year-round. Surrounded by majestic mountains, its beauty includes ranchlands, colorful meadows, natural hot springs, aspens and evergreens, wildlife and wildflowers. In the summertime, the excitement of the rodeo abounds every weekend. Our field trips will be to the following locations: (plus others)

-Annual Steamboat Hot Air Balloon Festival ñ colorful and exciting
-Private ranch (at least one) ñ old cabins, ranch animals, beautiful views
-Pristine lakes and fabulous wildflowers (no long hikes...easily accessible sites)
-Botanic Park - wonderful flower specimens
-Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo (great fun for people and action photos)

Steamboat is truly a photographer's delight! During this digital photography workshop, Joel and I will guide and inspire you in developing and expanding your own unique photographic vision. We will help you create or improve your personal photographic style in the making and presentation of your digital photographic images. We will also instruct you in the technical aspects of digital photography. Additionally, this workshop will be about a growth process in which we get more in touch with the Soul of our seeing and creativity.

For more information:


New Mexico

Santa Fe Workshops
Media Contact is Darcy Schwerin, 505 983.1400 or e-mail, For information on all course descriptions visit the SFW Web site at or call the Workshops at (505) 983-1400. For more information.


New York

Nov. 8 Nature and Landscape Photography,†† 10:00am-2pm $35
At Trailside Nature Museum in Watchung, $35, 908-789-3670 x3430, Learn the art of composition, close-up photography, lighting, white balance, and metering techniques in regards to nature and landscape photography. Includes a lecture and time for shooting and practice in the field with Ori.

Nov 18-Dec 9 Digital Photography for the Studio Painter, 7-9:30pm, 4 sessions
At Somerset Art Association in Bedminster, 908-234-2345 to register.† 4 Tuesday evenings. Beginners. The cost will be $119/94 members. Learning how to work your digital camera properly can make all the difference in the world for you to have great images to paint from. This class will cover basic digital camera controls and how they relate to composition, lighting, correct exposure, and good color. Also covered: how to deliver images of your paintings to a gallery or juried show with a CD submission; shoot close ups for texture details; load images onto your computer, order photographs on-line and edit your images. There will be a demonstration on how to create files for storing images, emailing your images and burning a CD. Students should bring their cameras, camera cords, good batteries, camera cards, instruction booklets and laptops, if you have one.



Photographing Into Your Soul in Western Ireland
In conjunction with Strabo International Tour Company
Leader: Karen Gordon Schulman
September 9-19, 2009

Join Karen Gordon Schulman, a skilled and sensitive photographer and educator on an inspirational journey in County Mayo, Western Ireland, for an opportunity to expand your personal vision, make new friends and experience a very special place through new eyes. From the lush, green mountains to the broad peat lowlands, the ancient abbeys to the colorful villages, each new place and experience will stimulate the mind and enrich the spirit.

Karen believes that participating in a photo tour is about more than making great photographs. It's a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. During your tour, Karen will offer you sensory exercises which could help you get more in touch with the ësoulí of your creativity and enable you to develop (or continue to develop) a more personal visual expression of your photographic work.

While in Ireland you will be treated to true Irish flavors at Hillcrest House, which was renovated for the sole purpose of accommodating photography groups. Even if photography is not your prime interest, Western Ireland affords us a unique opportunity in that there are so many wonderful hidden places to explore and enjoy.

For more information:
Mail to:



Mano Lista Photography Workshops
With its inaugural season, Mano Lista Photography Workshops is offering photographers the chance to experience the riches of small town life in Jalisco guided by knowledgeable residents of Zacoalco de Torres and award-winning American photographers. "The rich color and vibrancy of the local traditions are amazing," says Mano Lista director Sara Puzey "We want to bring artists to share in real Mexican life far from what tourists typically get to see."

Zacoalco is a bustling small town of around 25,000 located an hour from Guadalajara. It's a place where you'll see just as many bicycles in the streets as cars, where family-owned farms and small businesses thrive, and where traditions such as walking around the town square on Sunday nights are still preserved. Mano Lista is run by residents of Zacoalco and American artists seeking to host a cultural exchange between the small town and the visiting artists. Participating photographers will visit local farms, artisans, and festivals, and each workshop will culminate in an exposition of the group's work in Zacoalco's Cultural Center.

Jane Fulton Alt's Refining Your Creative Visionworkshop from January 9-16, 2009, will coincide with the celebration of the Virgin of Guadaloupe. For more information, go to or email



Karen Gordon Schulman
Magical Morocco
A Photographic and Cultural Adventure
October 18 – November 1,

Combining the history and natural beauty of this rich and fascinating country with first-person encounters, we will visit native villages, ancient medinas, and craftsmen’s workshops, sharing experiences and sipping mint tea: symbolic of the warm, sincere Moroccan generosity. We will enjoy the sights in vibrant Marrakech and ancient Fes, rug shopping, palace visits, and an unforgettable journey into the Sahara on camelback for sunrise, and much more. Hotels are comfortable, as is the private, air-conditioned coach for land transportation; most meals are included. An expert local Moroccan guide will add his unique touch to this extraordinary trip, sharing his insights into and his love of this exotic land. We will have a cordial welcome in this country with its irresistible allure and warm hospitality. Photo opportunities are everywhere. Join me!

"I try to encourage each person to give themselves the permission to make mistakes, the permission to create," Karen says. "The more we learn to “see” with our mind, heart, and spirit, the more of an adventure life becomes. I welcome all skill levels and enjoy offering guidance to those with stronger left-or right-brain approaches to photography, to strengthen the other side."

For more leader information, costs and trip details, visit or contact


Last updated: September 4, 2008

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