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TPS Exhibtions > The National Competition

TPS 16: The National Competition
Show to be shown in Texas, New York and California.

Congratulations to all those who entered. Michelle reportde a difficult task in making the selections as the work was uniformely exceptional.

About the Juror
Michelle Dunn Marsh holds a B.A. from Bard College and an M.S. in publishing from Pace University. She has worked with the Aperture Foundation since 1996, and presently serves as associate publisher for Aperture magazine and as the director of Aperture West, a regional outreach program. In this capacity she has worked with the Aperture staff and board of trustees as well as institutions throughout the west to develop educational programming, collaborative initiatives, expand awareness of Aperture and support individuals and institutions promoting photography. An educator and advocate for photography and design, Dunn lectures nationally on photography and on art book design. She is an award-winning book designer and works with museums and non-profit institutions nationally. She serves on the advisory board to the Masters in Publishing program at Pace University in NYC, and on the Board of Governors for Bard College.
Michelle Dunn Marsh
Seattle, Washington


July 05 Entries due in San Antonio.
July 25 Notification to accepted entrants sent by mail and posted on the TPS website.
Aug 28 Prints due in San Antonio, TX.
Sep 10 TPS 16: TNC opens at the St. Edward’s University Art Gallery in Austin, TX.
Sep 22 Artists reception from 5p-7p.
Oct 06 TPS 16: TNC closes in Austin, TX.
Dec 1 TPS 16: TNC opens at the Center for Contemporary Art in Abilene, TX.

Jan 31 Exhibition closes in Abilene, Texas.
Mar 07 Exhibition opes at Fotofest in Houston, Texas.
Apl 27 Exhibition closes at Fotofest.
May 12 Exhibtion opens at the Calumet Photo Art Gallery in New York City.
Jun 27 Exhibtion closes in New York City.
Jul 21 Exhibition open at the Calumet Photo Art Gallery in San Francisco, California.
Aug 17 Exhibition closes in San Francisco, California.

Accepted entrants:

Name City State Image No. Title Award
Susan Bank Philadelphia PA 5 Salisbury Beach
Laura Bennett Pearland TX 4 Untitled
Eleanor M. Brown Houston TX 6 Downtown Houston in Infrared # 6
Anastasia Cazabon Watertown MA 1 Vines, 2007
Polly A. Chandler Austin TX 7 Keenan
Carola Clift Santa Fe NM 2 Bridge, NC, 2006
Beau Comeaux Dallas TX 5 Transition
Charles R. Corda Coconut Grove FL 7 Militant Group
Rachel Cox Denton TX 2 Humpf
Rachael Dunville New York NY 1 The Brad
Jon Edwards South Freeport ME 2 Praying to the Pie Gods
Jane Elmore Post TX 8 George
Robert L. Flavin Dayton OH 4 Goodbye Childhood Series: Vanessa
Susanna Frohman San Rafael CA 10 Little Angel
Bob Gervais Portland OR 6 The New China, Kunming, China
Joy Goldkind St. James NY 4 Rose
Charlie Grosso Los Angeles CA 3 Raising Child on Top of A Chicken Cage, Guangzhou, 2006
Lawrence Gund Sherman Oaks CA 3 Capitalismo
Aubrey E. Guthrie II, MD Hurst TX 2 State Fair
Christina Koci Hernandez Oakland CA 5 Wrestling # 5
Kim Hood Seattle WA 1 Mia
Barbara Houghton Alexandria KY 7 Power
Linda Johnson Philadelphia PA 9 Corrugated Steel
Stella Johnson Watertown MA 7 Nicaragua
Jenny Jozwiak Brooklyn NY 2 Laura, NYC Hon Men
Julieve Jubin Oswego NY 3 Bed Grey Blanket II
Sherry Justus Johnson City 5 Six Years Later (Twin Towers)
Siri Kaur Los Angeles CA 1 Kristie Hon Men
Amanda Keller-Konya Santa Monica CA 3 Pride
Michael Koerner, PhD. Tucson AZ 3 Flag Picker
Adi Lavy New York NY 1 Pass Time
Leba Marquez N Hollywood CA 4 Girl with Tennis Shoes
Rania Matar Brookline MA 4 Motorcycling through Destruction
Michael Matsil Takoma Park MD 2 Occupied Territory, # 5 Third Place
Colleen Meacham Kirkland WA 9 Brushstrokes, 9
Brad Moore Laguna Beach CA 8 Trini Circle, Westminster, CA Second Place
Jeff Neill Carlisle PA 4 Purgatory
Laura Noel Roswell GA 1 Deliver, ME, 2005
Jim O’Neill New York NY 1 Reflection – The Next Generation
Soon-hwa Oh Singapore 1 4 Years in Astoria
Kotaro Okada Brooklyn NY 2 Legs
Teresa Ollila Lafayette CO 7 Accountability
Lydia Panas Kutztown PA 1 Tatiana First Place
Donna Pinckley Little Rock AR 8 Rachel
Heather Protz N. Las Vegas NV 1 1638

Dorothy Richardson

Grafton Canada 5 Together We Go
Wilka Roig Ithaca NY 1 Michelle
Glynda Hatfield Rose Austin TX 1 Broken Swing
Christopher W. Sims Efland NC 2 Afghan Militia, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 2005
Bill Snypes Houston TX 1 Waiting
Todd A. Stewart Norman OK 2 Alec
Sarah Sudhoff Brooklyn NY 1 Exam 2
Leo Theinert Forest Hills NY 6 The Beautiful and the Damned
Lupita Murillo Tinnen Plano TX 4 Matthew
Tom Urgo Brooklyn NY 2 Pony Express Route, Faust, Utah
Leonard Volk Dallas TX 9 Positano Boy
Cara Lee Wade Ft. Wayne IN 1 Becoming Nicole Spencer
Don Wolfe Overland Park KS 1 Lights No. 1


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