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Member Benefits > Print Program

Print Program
Collect fine photography by some of the medium's top photographers

TPS 2011 Print Program
One of the benefits of membership in the Texas Photographic Society is your eligibility to participate in the TPS Collectors' Print Program.

Follow link to purchase your Print Program print(s).

Members joining at the Friend, Patron and Benefactor levels may choose from an exclusive selection of fine prints by prominent, contemporary photographers. Join or renew your TPS membership at the Friend Level or higher and you can select one or more prints from our four artists for $225 or less per print. See the Join TPS page for discount pricing details.

In addition, TPS has initiated Featured Artist Print and Book selections from internationally recognized artists at special prices. Peter Liepke is this year's Featured Print Artist, his image After the Game is available starting at $500 for the first Edition 1 thru 5. Other Editions are 6 thru 15 for $750, and Edition 16 thru 25 for $1000. A hand made frame is available for $300. All of Peter Liepke's frames are made of solid hardwood throughout, and utilize the same principles of mortised joinery practised by fine cabinet makers for decades. You may receive all 5 prints in the program. Contact D. Clarke Evans,, as this price is subject to change depending on number of images previously sold. All prices include shipping and handling.

Our Featured Artist Book is the signed, first-edition book Painted Light by Kate Breakey, the membership price is $125. Painted Light will not be published until Fall 2010, so shipment of books will not happen until this date. Remember, most print program artists work starts at $500 or more. This is a fine way to enhance your collection and to contribute to TPS programming.

Since the program’s inception in 1994, over 1,270 images have been purchased, raising over $235,000 for TPS. Proceeds from the print program are used to enhance and support TPS programs, most notably funding of TPS exhibition catalogues and numerous exhibits that TPS sponsors. Note, some of the prints are limited edition, you may want to renew or join before the edition is sold out.

We are proud to offer the following items this year from this select group of photographers:

> Peter Liepke

> Kat Moser

> Scott Martin
> Tammy Cromer-Campbell
> Adam Jahiel > Kate Breakey

Peter Liepke – Warwick, New York
After the Game
5”x7” image on 8”x10” Stonehenge paper
Palladium print
Price $500
for Edition 1-5, $750 for Edition 6-15, $1000 for Edition 16-25
Each print is numbered, and signed on the front. Also dated and signed on the back.

Handmade Frames are an additional $300

Peter Liepke

Many years ago remembering events as a young boy growing up in Minnesota, and now watching as my own 2 boys grow up in rural upstate New York, the innocence of childhood always provides a constant backdrop and inspiration within my work.
This image is from one of my portfolios titled “Daydreams” which attempts to capture and reflect upon random moments of my own experiences. It features an ordinary day, like any other in the summer of two boys walking home after a ball game with their trusty loyal canine friend leading the way home.

This in a sense could have been anyone of us at one time, but more often than not these moments are forgotten. So in a very uncertain world today it gives me great pleasure to observe that these forgotten moments still exist all around us everyday, if we simply slow down and take the time to look.

Peter Liepke has been involved in photography for well over twenty years both commercially, and in fine art. He has operated commercial studios both in Los Angeles, and New York City. His first solo exhibition was held in 1997 at The Museum of Television & Radio in New York. His work is now represented in many galleries across the country.

Presently Mr. Liepke resides in upstate New York with his wife, and two sons. Utilizing waxed paper negatives, he enjoys using the rare and challenging turn of the century alternative printing processes for his medium such as Bromoil, Platinum palladium, and Gum Bichromate.

His articles and photographs have been featured in PHOTOGRAPHIS, GRAPHIS Showcase, Photo District News, B&W magazine, The Photo Review, View Camera, Silvershots, The Book of Alternative Processes and numerous other publications.
Please visit for more information.


Scott Martin – San Antonio, Texas
Texas Love Bus
12”x18” on a 17x22 unmatted sheet.
Digital pigment print on fiber base paper.
Price $225

Scott Martin

Texas Love Bus is a 2 hour and 8 minute exposure made from 2:00am to 4:08am in West Texas. It was a moonless night so the bus was ‘painted’ entirely by flashlight for several minutes. A pack of coyotes howled and played in the foreground during the exposure as I sat and listened in my car a few feet away. They didn’t show up in the final image because they weren’t illuminated on this pitch black night. I was grateful they didn’t bump the tripod as it would have messed up the long star trails I was going for in this shot. People often ask ‘what makes the stars go in circles?’ when they see this image. The answer is simple: the Earth’s rotation.

Scott Martin teaches private fine art photography workshops throughout the country and provides one-on-one training with professionals in the field. Solitary, stark and abstract, Scott’s fine art night photography contradicts the notion of the “decisive moment” in conventional photography by utilizing 2-8 hour processes with long exposures and painting with light. Images are often not as the eye can see them in real time. His grand format work has been seen in exhibitions across the country and is included in many private and public collections. To learn more about Scott Martin, visit


Adam Jahiel – Story, Wyoming
Three Horses
Sepia Toned-Silver Gelatin print.
Edition of 29
Price $225

Adam Jahiel

Every summer since 1989, I have traveled to parts of Idaho, Nevada, Texas and Oregon, capturing images of the region’s cowboys, landscapes, ranches, and cow-camps. All clichés aside, this culture has almost faded into a faint shadow of it’s once iconic status. Being able to capture a slice of history is a kind of visual archeology. But, of course, I’m also working as an artist rather than just an archivist. I think of this as a very personal body of work, so I am not comfortable in trying to characterize this body of work as being purely artistic or documentary. When I am visiting these places, I feel alive, excited, interested, fascinated, comfortable, and like I am where I should be. I don’t spend a lot of time being analytical, I get a gut feeling, I shoot, and ask questions later… That’s what happened when I took this picture: Three Horses, which is an image of Martin Black, a horse trainer, breaking horses. I have been watching this for hours, then something tells me that all the elements unfolding in front of me are going to gel. That gut feeling. I take the picture. I get lucky.

Adam Jahiel is an internationally known photographer. He lives in Wyoming, and his work encompasses imagery from the American West, to Kyrgyzstan. In 1996, he became the first living photographer to have a one-man show at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, in Cody, Wyoming. His photographs are in the collections of the Nevada Art Museum in Reno, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Joslyn Art Museum in Kansas City, as well as private and corporate collections. To learn more about Adam, visit his website


Kat Moser – Omaha, Nebraska
Magical Entanglements
10” x 15” overmatted on 16” x 20”.
Digital pigment print.
Price $225

Kat Moser

Magical Entanglements was selected from elements of water, a body of work in which I use photography to realize my inner vision and explore the feminine body in all her strengths and vulnerabilities.  This image, shot in the pools of a quarry in Maine, exhibits her universal perfection. 

Kat Moser is a visual artist who creates photographs which celebrate the female form.  She counts among her influences the photographs of Clarence John Laughlin, Deborah Turbeville, Sarah Moon and Helmut Newton. She has studied with Joyce Tenneson, Elizabeth Opalenik and Connie Imboden. 

She has studied fashion and dance for much of her life, counting the study of movement another influence of her artwork.  For many years she has been at the helm of a women’s clothing boutique nouvelle eve, having shown her artwork periodically beginning in 1984; more recently she is creating new works in France that she shares with you on her website,


Tammy Cromer-Campbell – Longview, Texas
Lost Love Tryptich
6” x 9” corner mounted and overmatted on 12” x 24”.
Silver negative digital pigment print.
Special edition of 25 for TPS
Price $225

Tammy Cromer-Campbell

Kirsten Kleinschmidt lost the love of her life, Jimmy Green, to a rare cancer in 1996. He was 26. Jimmy often told Kirsten, "Something is wrong with where I grew up. There are too many young sick people dying." He grew up in Gilmer, Texas, northeast of Winona, Texas. In early December 2006, Kleinschmidt was decorating for Christmas with family at her parent’s house in Lewisville, Texas. That night, she dreamed of Jimmy. The next morning she awoke with his words echoing in her mind, "something is wrong with Gilmer, Texas." She went to the computer and googled "Gilmer, Texas". Up popped the Gilmer Mirror. Strangely, the lead story was a lengthy book review of Tammy Cromer-Campbell's book, Fruit of the Orchard.

Lost Love Tryptich is a part of a larger project titled Dying for Profit. Dying for Profit is a photographic documentary portraying the grief, anger and despair of people living in low-income communities who are suffering from the health effects of the emissions from nearby toxic waste facilities, chemical plants and refineries where they live, work, and play.

Tammy Cromer-Campbell is a commercial photographer, author, and filmmaker. She received her degree in Commercial Photography from Kilgore College, Kilgore, Texas under the direction of O. Rufus Lovett. The University of North Texas Press published her first book in 2006 titled Fruit of the Orchard/Environmental Justice in East Texas. She’s received many honors and awards including Blue Earth Alliances first ever cash grant for Fruit of the Orchard. Her work is included in public and private collections internationally such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Museet for Fotocunst, Belgium, and others. She is a part of the Holga Inspire web-site and the exhibition that traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, Texas, and New York. Fruit of the Orchard also received a first place award in the first ever Green Dot Awards under Entertainment and Culture. Cromer-Campbell is listed as an honoree for National Women's History Month for the 2009 and 2010. She lives with her husband Scott in Longview, TX. T learn more about Tammy, visit


Kate Breakey – Tucson, AZ
Painted Light
Signed book courtesy of the University of Texas Press.
Price $125
**Note** Publishing date is October 2010, books will not be shipped until that date.

Kate Breakey

Painted Light is the first career retrospective of Breakey’s work. With images from nine suites of photographs, including Laws of Physics, Principles of Mathematics, Still Life, Loose Ends, Memories and Dreams, Cactus, and Small Deaths, the book encompasses a quarter century of prolific image-making and reveals the wide range of Breakey’s creative explorations. In her introduction and throughout the book, Breakey offers personal accounts of “the things that matter most” to her life as an artist and traces her influences, among them her fascination with classical European painting, her close connection to the world of science, and her heartfelt love of the natural world, which began during her childhood in rural Australia. These texts give considerable insight into Breakey’s beautiful images, creative process, and transformative journey “to distill observations into a visual language in which they can be contemplated”—the motive that inspires all of Breakey’s work.

Kate Breakey is internationally recognized for largescale, richly hand-colored photographs, including her acclaimed series of luminous portraits of birds, flowers, and animals. Since 1980, her work has appeared in more than seventy one-person exhibitions and more than fifty group exhibitions in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand, and France. Breakey’s work is held in many public collections, including the Australian National Gallery in Canberra, the Center for Creative Photography in Tucson, the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


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