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Christopher Broughton

Christopher Broughton
Carpinteria, California
Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington
13? x 19? hinged and overmatted on 20? x 28? 4 ply rag Digital pigment print

?The approaching storm at Ruby Beach was captured during a brief stay in a storm front along the Northwest Pacific Coast. I have always felt a personal magnetism towards the landscape and it?s interaction with water, clouds, light and time. Attempting to capture just a little of these interactions through my fascination with photography and how it interpolates these events has been the driving force of my work. The ocean?s timeless encroachment and recession along our coastline over time have reveled beauty from beneath. The earth?s delicate ecosystem, always on the verge of destruction, brings forth some of the most beautiful interactions within the landscape. The medium of photography gives me a pallet to paint some of the grandeur and capture time.
Christopher has authored numerous articles for various photographic magazines. He has been a featured lecturer for Hasselbald USA and Eastman Kodak. His photography is represented by Art Matters in Long Beach, CA, The Griffin Gallery in Venice Beach, CA, and the Silver Light Gallery in Carmel, CA. He holds a BS and MS, in professional photography, from Brooks Institute, in Santa Barbara, CA and currently teachers there.

Max Kellenberger
San Francisco, California
Four Fishing Poles, San Francisco, 2003
4” x 6.75”, mounted & overmatted
to 16” x 20”, Sepia & selenium toned

silver gelatin print. Special Limited Edition for TPS of 20
The image “Four Fishing Poles” was taken during a walk on a foggy morning on Crissy Field, near Golden Gate Bridge. Despite the cold and unfriendly weather – quite usual for San Francisco during July – there were several fishermen waiting to catch some fish. I was attracted to the beautiful composition of the fishing poles against the foggy bay.

Max Kellenberger’s expressive photographs use texture, light and shadow to convey emotions in intimate, almost voyeuristic images. Simple everyday scenes viewed through Kellenberger’s lens become melancholy, personal stories, pulling at memories and startling with their beauty and depth. Max was born in Switzerland in 1956. He began his career in photojournalism and developed it in commercial photography. Since moving to the United States in 1991, he has focused exclusively on fine art photography. Max Kellenberger has been exhibiting work in the United States and Europe since 1972.

Rob Goldman
Huntington, New york
“Caroly, New York #2”
11” x 14”

Special edition inkjet print for TPS
Caroyl is a dear friend of mine (my ex-agent) who I have photographed many times. This photo was taken in her apartment in Manhattan (I photograph almost everyone in their own home) as part of my ongoing personal voyage through photography.

Rob Goldman is an internationally published photographer whose fine art, advertising and portraiture work has been celebrated both in gallery exhibition and in national magazines. He is best known for his work in Intimate Portraiture, which he defines as, “work that is connected; that goes beyond the physical nature of the sitter, offering a frank interpretation of their essential spirit.”
He is founder of the Stepping Stone Gallery
for Contemporary Photography in Huntington, New York.

Examples of Goldman’s work can be found in both private and corporate collections including the prestigious Polaroid Collection. Rob’s photographs have appeared in Cosmopolitan, Time, Redbook and Mademoiselle. His advertising clients include Nikon, Club Med, Seagrams, AT&T and Marriott. In addition, he has enjoyed the sponsorship of The Panasonic Corporation, who awarded him the grand prize in their digital photography contest.








Stefanie Klavens
Boston, Massachusetts
Henry’s Painting, 2004
15” x 15” Chromogenic Print
Signed and numbered as a special edition for TPS

I photograph small-scale drama of everyday life; things we pass by countless times without giving them a second thought or look. In this series, How We Live, I’m interested in the traces of human presence left behind in an empty room. I think of these photographs of objects and their surroundings as portraits of people through the spaces they inhabit. My uncle, Henry Miller, was a painter and these are some of his paintings. They hung in this particular arrangement above the couch in his home for decades. When he passed away, in 1999 at the age of 90, my Aunt Eva moved from their house to her present apartment and paintings went along, assuming their old positions in new surroundings.

Stefanie Klavens is a fine art photographer living in Boston, Massachusetts. She has exhibited her photographs widely and is included in many private collections. She has received numerous grants and awards for her work, most recently first place in TPS: 12 The National Competition.





Jean Laughton
Interior, South Dakota
Dodge – Miles City, Montana
16″ x 20″, Type-C print

This portrait is from my Go West series. Inspired by the fake reality of silent films and in search of a cast of characters, I headed West during the summers of 1995-2002. Traveling with my painted backdrops, I set up a makeshift portrait studio behind the scenes at rodeos. This series is a document of the people of the West as well as a document of what they represent – the myth of the West, the adventure, the romance. This particular portrait was taken at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale.

Jean Laughton, a native Iowan, began photographing in 1993 while living in New York City. She started cross-country trips, capturing glimpses of disappearing Americana. This led to several series: Country Western Legends, Women Roughstock Riders, American Originals and others. Her gaze then turned West, resulting in her Go West series. In 2002, she moved to the Badlands of South Dakota. She has since stepped “into the photograph” and has been documenting ranch work from horse back while working on the Quarter Circle XL Ranch for the past five years.






Sam Davis
Las Vegas, Neveda
Diligently Watching
6” x 16”
Fuji Crystal Archive with matte finish

Most of Sam’s work deals with memory
and elements of the environment that are
out of place or inexplicable. The ideas explored usually stem from his inability to remember his dreams and his desire to recapture those lost dreams through looking at the world around him.  

Shot in Rome in May of 2003, the image was taken near the Pantheon on one of the little side streets where shops are located that specialize in Catholic church supplies. You always wonder where all the stuff comes from that is in a church and it seems as if a good deal of it comes from this small part of Rome.
The image was taken in the very late afternoon just as the sun went below the horizon. I was fortunate enough to catch the old man entering the viewfinder of the Xpan just in time to capture him with a little blur. For me the three headless priests watching over the old pedestrian held an ominous symbolism.

Ken Rosenthal
Tucson, Arizona
“A Dream Half Remembered #FB-41-1”
9.5” x 9.5” Window matted, unmounted
Split-tone silver gelatin print
Prints are signed on verso
Special edition print for TPS

Ken Rosenthal’s evocative work
explores issues of personal and collective memory. His latest series, A Dream Half Remembered, focuses on the shards of memory retained from the dream state, and the oftentimes random structure and narrative of dreams. Rosenthal’s distinctive, diffused printing style strips away the specificity of place and identity from his subjects, allowing for a universal reading from autobiographical material.

Ken’s work has been exhibited extensively nationally, including recent solo shows at Oswald Gallery, Blue Sky Gallery, Center for Photographic Art, and Photographic Center Northwest. His work is in many private and public collections internationally including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery; Art Institute of Chicago; Santa Barbara Museum of Art; National Portrait Gallery, London. He is represented by Etherton Gallery, Tucson; Watermark Fine Art, Houston; Michael Dawson Gallery, Los Angeles; Oswald Gallery, Austin & Jackson Hole; and The Photography Room, Grand Rapids, among others.




Allison V. Smith
Dallas, Texas
God Bless Our Home, October 2003.
Marfa, Texas.
10” x 10”   Type C print

Allison Smith’s work as a photojournalist has earned her many awards including the  award of excellence from both the Eddie Adams workshop and the National Press Photographers Association.

In 1997, the Texas Headliner Foundation named her Master Photographer of the Year. Along with corporate freelance clients, she works as a staff photographer for the Dallas Morning News and has taught at the Maine Photographic Workshops.

Allison’s fine art prints have been exhibited at the Galveston Art Center, Photographs Do Not Bend, the McKinney Contemporary Art Center and the Barry Whistler Gallery.





Natalie Young
El Segundo, California
Georgia & Sabine
7″ x 7″ mounted and overmatted to
12.5″ x 12.5″, Silver gelatin silver print,
Georgia and Sabine are my two girls, miniature dachshunds, who I’ve been photographing for years. Each image is a quiet moment on an ordinary day, just like a thousand other moments taken for granted. My relationship with them has always been very up-close and personal, as are my photographs. Taken at eye level in a domestic environment, the portraits have an intimacy that takes the viewer closer to the thin line that separates we human animals from our pets. There is a purity of emotion and elegance of gesture that bridges the gap between us and fuels our fascination.

Natalie’s work often explores themes of how we relate to our environment, and how personal and cultural history is often attached to a sense of place. She has been part of several TPS group exhibitions over the last few years, she was awarded the 2000 Visual Arts Fellowship from the Arkansas Arts Council, and her work is in many private collections around the country. She and her husband now live in a beach town outside of Los Angeles.




Texas Photographic Society (TPS) publishes and exhibits members’ photographs in print, online and in photography exhibits thoughout the U.S. and Europe. TPS membership includes photographers ranging from students to dedicated professionals. Together, they share an enthusiasm and dedication to fine photography.

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